E-Commerce ​& EDI Software

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is defined as computer to computer exchange of business documents and data in a standard format. However, this is not the only way for businesses to communicate electronically, without paper. Electronic Commerce solutions are just as vast as ERP solutions and growing in popularity.  XML (Extensive Markup Language). Regardless of the method you choose, EC Consulting will recommend the right solution that produces long-term benefits.  

Web Design & Development

Having a website is crucial to promoting your product or service globally, penetrating new markets and establishing a online presence. EC Consulting affordable E-business solutions help our clients streamline activities and integrate intuitive Web services to achieve a healthy ROI. We merge the competence of digital technology with vertical market expertise to help grow your business as desired.  We will design a complete set of services for developing, integrating and operating your business on the Net.